Education and Outreach

The resources included in this section are designed to educate students, teachers, members of the forecast and warning community and the general public about meteorology, space science, earth-observing satellites, weather phenomena and the advanced capabilities of the GOES-R series and the benefits the satellites will provide. These materials are useful for anyone interested in learning more about weather forecasting applications and weather-related safety issues.

Outreach Overview

For a general overview of the GOES-R series, please see our trifold brochure and additional outreach and education materials, including bookmarks and posters. If you are looking for information about specific instruments, products and services, please check out the fact sheets section. In addition, videos and animations in our multimedia section illustrate the GOES-R series mission, instruments, satellite services, spacecraft, ground segment, events and proving ground demonstrations. Also check out our quarterly newsletters for the latest news from the GOES-R Series Program.

Student Resources

Middle and high school students can benefit from the interactive learning modules contained in the Resources for Students section. Our Games and Apps page contains interactive activities for elementary school students.

Educator Resources

GOES-R series partners have developed a number of classroom activities, educational materials, lesson plans, and learning tools and games to help teachers educate students about weather, satellite meteorology and Earth science in a fun and engaging way. Learn more in our Educator Resources section.

Forecasting and Warning Community

College meteorology students and members of the operational forecasters will benefit from the in-depth information contained in the User Information section, which focuses on user readiness, requirements, and training.


For frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ section. If you have a question that isn’t answered there, please send an email to