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GOES-R Quarterly Awards - November 1, 2013
4th Quarter FY12 Awards
FY12 Team Member and Team of the Year
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Quarter FY 13

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Each quarter awards are presented for "Outstanding Team Member", "Outstanding Team", "Esprit de Corps", "Outstanding Communications", and Process Improvement & Innovation".
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And The Winners Were . . .
Outstanding Team Member
4th Quarter FY12:   Bob Iacovazzi
Entire Year FY12:   Monica Todirita
1st Quarter FY13:   Calvin Craig
2nd Quarter FY13:   Maurice McHugh
3rd Quarter FY13:   Alan Bell

Outstanding Team
4th Quarter FY12:   ABI Proto-Flight Model Sensor Unit Vibe Test Team
Team members include:
NASA: Derrick Early, David Griffiths, Jeff Hampton, Joe Saggese
Exelis, Inc.: Steve Clark, Kim Edington, Kenneth Eskew II, Pete Harter, Blaine Hershberger, Kyle Hershberger, Nick Hodgman, tod Kirkwood, Zachary Leahy, Andrew Magner, Paul McCulfor, Paul Meyer, Tom O'Hare, Eric Schacher, Elme Schmale

Entire Year FY12:   Advanced Baseline Imager Detector SelectionTeam
Team members include:
NASA Working Group: Dr. Mark Boies, Dr. Monica Coakley, Dr. John Kline, Dr. Richard Schoolar, Dr. Peter Silvergate, Dr. JR Swenson
DRS Technologies: Marty Bradley, Phil Ely, Genae Jefferson, Jay Potkar, Dick Willis, Mike Wyrick
Exelis, Inc.: Joe DePillo, Tim Morgan, Cindy Shinabarger,
Dr. Mark Shure, Dr. Dave Smith
1st Quarter FY13:   PATRON Development Team
Team members include:
Stephen Ambrose, Zhaohui Cheng, Natalia Donoho, Larry Holak, Cecil Paris, Matthew Seybol,d Andrew Wardrett, Timothy Wendland, Christina Yates, Joseph Zajic, Lori Zidal
2nd Quarter FY13:   Antenna First Article Test Team
Team members include:
Jason Emperador, Kevin Fisher, Ida Hakkarinen, Susan Jacobs, Greg Johnson, Belkacem Manseur, Richard Reynolds, Bill Stull, Rich Suvall, Chris Wallisch, Peter Woolner
3rd Quarter FY13:   Science & Algorithm Products Team
Team members include:
Farida Adimi, Delano Carter, Monica Coakley, Jason Garris, Marghi Hopkins, Wayne MacKenzie, Randy Race, Ananth Rao, Shanna Sampson, Julie Tomlinson

Esprit de Corps
4th Quarter FY12:   Mark Hasegawa
1st Quarter FY13:   Huy Nguyen
2nd Quarter FY13:   Fred Berthiume
3rd Quarter FY13:   Chris Smith

Outstanding Communications
4th Quarter FY12:   Joyce White
1st Quarter FY13:   Nicole Solomon
2nd Quarter FY13:   Mary Beth Howe
3rd Quarter FY13:   Michelle Smith and George Tuggle

Process Improvement / Innovation
4th Quarter FY12:   Maryjane Stephenson
1st Quarter FY13:   Chris Morris
2nd Quarter FY13:   Jason Emperador
3rd Quarter FY13:   Laila Yates
Past Award Ceremonies

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Aug. 24, 2012
Feb. 24, 2012
Sept. 30, 2011
April 15, 2011
October 15, 2010
March 26, 2010
December 17, 2009
August 27, 2009

Quarterly Awards:

Outstanding Employee
This award recognizes leadership or substantial contribution by either a government or contractor employee in the successful completion of a significant GOES-R event. 

Outstanding Team Award
This award recognizes leadership or substantial contribution by a team of government and/or contractor employees in the successful completion of a significant GOES-R event.

Esprit de Corps Award
This award recognizes an individual government or contractor) for going above and beyond expected performance and collaborating on any task or activity (i.e., completing a project, taking the lead on an activity, coordinating an activity under a very short timeframe, volunteering on GOES-R events, etc.). 

Outstanding Communications Award
This award recognizes an individual for superior communication skills applied to a particular task, i.e., scheduling, briefing, conflict resolution, meeting leader, etc.

Process Improvement / Innovation Award
This award recognizes an individual for an idea that resulted in a process improvement that yielded a cost or time savings. The award can either be for a technical or administrative process.

Cognizant Award Board Members:
Program Office – Dann Karlson
Program Control – Steve Schaeffer
Program Systems Engineering – Craig Keeler
Ground Segment – Jim Valenti
Flight Project – Tim Walsh
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