GOES-R Organization
The GOES-R Program is a collaborative development and acquisition effort between NOAA and NASA. It is managed by NOAA with an integrated NOAA-NASA program office organization, staffed with personnel from NOAA and NASA, and co-located at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to maximize program efficiency. GOES-R is lead by the GOES-R System Program Director, a NOAA senior executive, and is composed of the GOES-R Program Office and two integrated NOAA-NASA project offices: the Flight Project and the Ground Segment Project.

The GOES-R Program Office is responsible for the overall system and has ultimate authority and responsibility for managing the acquisition of the GOES-R Program including financial, technical, and programmatic processes and performance including bridging any gaps between the projects by validating and verifying project efforts to ensure mission success. The Program Office prepares, defends, and executes the GOES-R budget, represents GOES-R to external organizations, and is the focal point and principle interface with NESDIS, NOAA, NASA, the Department of Commerce, Congress, oversight agencies, and Mission Partners.
  The Flight Project, led by a senior NASA Project Manager, manages the instruments, launch vehicle, and auxiliary communication payloads for the GOES-R satellite series. This includes acquiring and overseeing contractor development and implementation activities to deploying the GOES-R satellite system that ultimately meets NOAA’s requirements.

The Ground Segment Project, led by a senior NOAA Project Manager, manages the entire ground system including the facilities, antenna sites, consolidated backup unit, the software and hardware for satellite command and control, and the systems to process, create and distribute end user products.  It is responsible for all aspects involved in the design, development, implementation, integration, test, transition of the GOES-R ground segment to safely operate the GOES-R space segment and to produce earth observation products in response to program approved requirements.