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GOES-R Resources
Do you have a question? Looking for documentation on a certain topic? Wondering where you can find related information via other sources? Need the definition of a term or acronym you encountered on www.goes-r.gov? Don’t know where on the site to locate the information you’re looking for? Want an approved GOES-R logo for use in presentations and conference materials? The Resources section has what you need!
Acronyms Need the full terminology for an acronym found within content of this site? Browse our alphabetically-organized acronym listing.
Documents Access GOES-R Program briefings, mission operations and requirements documents, education and outreach materials, and user readiness resources.
Fact Sheets Quick information guides on topics including GOES-R series instruments, ground system, Proving Ground demonstrations and products.
FAQs Get answers to frequently asked questions about GOES-R, geostationary satellites, and weather in general.
Glossary Learn definition of terms unique to or uniquely-defined for the GOES-R Program.
Logos Official GOES-R and GOES-R Proving Ground logos in a variety of formats and sizes in both color and black and white, for use in presentation materials.
Quarterly Newsletter The newsletter is designed to help improve and expand GOES-R’s communications with our key stakeholders, industry partners, and the public. It highlights the significant news and activities happening across the Program.
Related Links Find additional information about topics discussed on www.goes-r.gov and our NOAA, NASA, Cooperative Institute, and industry partners.
Scientific Publications Published material specific to the GOES-R Program by GOES-R personnel and affiliated NOAA, NASA, and Cooperative Institute partners.
Site Map A list of all content pages on the site.

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