2012 NOAA Satellite Science Week

Presentation and Posters

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

April 30 - May 4, 2012

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The 2012 NOAA Satellite Science Week was held April 30 – May 4, 2012 at the National Weather Service Training Center in Kansas City, MO. Science Week is a joint meeting and review of the GOES-R Algorithm Working Group, the GOES-R and JPSS Proving Grounds and Risk Reduction Science activities, and satellite training. The goal is to promote interchange between product developers and the user communities, ensuring a path for the transition of research to operations and user readiness.

MONDAY - APRIL 30, 2012
  General Moderator - Dick Reynolds  
Science and Demonstration Executive Board Introduction and Overview John Murphy ppt | pdf
GOES-R Program Update Greg Mandt pptx | pdf
Joint Polar Satellite System Update Status Ajay Mehta pptx | pdf
NOAA/NWS Operations Proving Ground Kim Runk pptx | pdf
GOES-R Algorithm Working Group Program Status Jaime Daniels pptx | pdf
GOES-R Proving Ground: 2012 Update Jim Gurka pptx | pdf
Status of the GOES-R Risk Reduction Program Ingrid Guch pptx | pdf
International Coordination of the Space-Based Global
Observing System, Satellite Utilization and Related Training
Stephan Bojinski ppt | pdf
Joint Polar Satellite System Proving Ground Mitch Goldberg ppt
Training: Connecting Developers with Users Anthony Mostek ppt | pdf
SPoRT: Transitioning Research Data to the
Operational Weather Community
Gary Jedlovec pptx | pdf
GOES-R System Validation and User Readiness Planning Stephen Ambrose ppt | pdf
TUESDAY - MAY 1, 2012
  Algorithm Integration Moderator - Walter Wolf   
Algorithm Integration Walter Wolf ppt | pdf
Integrated Processing Including CSPP Mitch Goldberg ppt | pdf
  Imagery and Proxy Moderator - Tim Schmit   
Imagery - ABI and VIIRS Tim Schmit
Steve Miller
pptx | pdf
pptx | pdf
GOES-R Proving Ground: Demonstration of Imagery Products at
NOAA's Storm Prediction Center and Hazardous Weather Testbed
Chris Siewert ppt | pdf
Imagery and Proxy Imagery Usage at HPC, OPC, TAFB, and SAB Michael Folmer pptx | pdf
  Soundings and Derived Parameters Moderator - Tim Schmit   
Recent Progress on Soundings and Derived
Parameters such as Total Precipitable Water Vapor
Tim Schmit pptx | pdf
 Winds Moderator - Jaime Daniels   
Atmospheric Motion Vectors Derived via a New Nested Tracking Algorithm Developed for the GOES-R Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) Jaime Daniels pptx | pdf
GOES-R Hurricane Intensity Estimation Chris Velden ppt | pdf
Atmospheric Motion Vectors Usage at OPC and TAFB Joe Sienkiewicz pptx | pdf
New Tropical Cyclone Products from GOES-R and JPSS Michael Brennan,
Mark DeMaria
pptx | pdf
 Hydrology Moderator - Gary Hufford   
The GOES-R Rainfall Rate/QPE Algorithm Status Bob Kuligowski ppt | pdf
Combining GLM and ABI Data for Enhanced
GOES-R Rainfall Estimates
Robert Adler ppt | pdf
Rainfall Rate/QPE Usage at HPC, TAFB, and SAB Michael Folmer pptx | pdf
Lightning Moderator - Steve Goodman   
The Geostationary Lightning Mapper for the GOES-R series of Geostationary Satellites Steven Goodman pptx | pdf
The GOES-R GLM Lightning Jump Algorithm: Research to Operational Algorithm Chris Schultz pptx | pdf
The WRF Lightning Forecast Algorithm: Refinement and Incorporation into Convective Ensemble Forecasts Eugene McCaul Jr. ppt | pdf
Lightning Data in the Proving Ground and Hazardous Weather Testbed: GOES-R Geostationary Lightning Mapper Kristin Calhoun pptx | pdf
Discussion on Training GLM, Total Lightning, Apps Rusty Billingsly,
Brian Motta
ppt | pdf
  Clouds Moderator - Andy Heidinger   
Current State of GOES-R ABI and NPP/JPSS AWG VIIRS Cloud Algorithms Andrew Heidinger pptx | pdf
Cloud-top Relief Spatial Displacement Adjustments of GOES-R Images Shayesteh Mahani pptx | pdf
  Land Surface/SST/Ocean Dynamics Moderator - Jin Yoe/Grumbine   
Fire Detection and Characterization with GOES-R ABI Christopher Schmidt ppt | pdf
NPP/VIIRS Active Fire Algorithm and Proving Ground Wilfrid Schroeder pptx | pdf
 Aviation Moderator - Bruce Entwistle   
The GOES-R Volcanic Ash, SO2, and Fog/Low Cloud Products:
Current Status and Future Development
Mike Pavolonis ppt | pdf
SATCAST and UW-CTCR Proposals Toward Future Fusion
Capabilities in Convective Storm Nowcasting
John Mecikalski,
Wayne Feltz
pptx | pdf
Development of a GOES-R Automated Volcanic Cloud Alert System Mike Pavolonis pptx | pdf
Validation of GOES-R Volcanic Ash Products: Near Real Time
Operational Decision Support/Hazard Analysis
Peter Webley pptx | pdf
Alaska High Latitude Proving Ground
GOES-R Aviation Products Experiment
Tom Heinrichs pptx | pdf
JPSS/NPP Operations Concept in the High Latitude Proving Ground - Support of NPP Science and Transition to Operations Tom Heinrichs pptx | pdf
Spring Snowmelt Drivers in Interior Alaskan Watersheds Katrina Bennett pptx | pdf
 Aerosols/Air Quality/Atmospheric Chemistry Moderator - Shobha Kondragunta   
The GOES-R Air Quality Procing Ground: Building an Air Quality User Community for the Next Generation of Products Shobha Kondragunta pptx | pdf
THURSDAY - MAY 3, 2012
  AWIPS II Moderator - Ed Mandel or Mike Johnson   
AWIPS Migration Status Review Edward Mandel pptx | pdf
AWIPS II in the WFO Daniel Nietfeld ppt | pdf
AWIPS II Future Applications Jason Burks pptx | pdf
Potential Applications in AWIPS II Hiro Gosden pptx | pdf
CIMSS AWIPS II Activities Jordan Gerth pptx | pdf
SPoRT AWIPS II Activities Jason Burks pptx | pdf
  Cryosphere Moderator - Jeff Key   
Cryosphere Products from ABI and VIIRS Jeff Key pptx | pdf
Cryosphere Products in Joint Proving Ground Carven Scott ppt | pdf
Cryosphere: Forecaster Needs in Alaska Hufford ppt | pdf
 Data Assimilation and Other RR Activities Moderator - Jim Yoe   
A Modeling and Data Assimilation Perspective Jim Yoe ppt | pdf
Utility of GOES-R Geostationary Lightning Mapper Using Hybrid Variational-Ensemble Data Assimilation in Regional Milija Zupanski pptx | pdf
Toward Operational Uses of Geostationary Imager
Radiance Data in the GSI analysis system
Fuzong Weng ppt | pdf
A Cloud-Scale Lightning Data Assimilation Technique and the Explicit Forecast of Lightning with Full Charging/Discharge Physics within the WRF-ARW Model Alexandre Fierro ppt | pdf
Developing Assimilation Techniques for Atmospheric Motion Vectors Derived via a New Nested Tracking Algorithm Derived
for the GOES-R Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI)
Jaime Daniels pptx | pdf
Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Readiness for NPP and JPSS: Data Assimilation Experiments for CrIS and ATMS Kevin Garrett pptx | pdf
 Space Environment Moderator - Steve Hill   
GOES-R Space Weather L2+ Algorithms William Denig pptx | pdf
Solar Ultraviolet Imager Thematic Maps Proving Ground Steve Hill pptx | pdf
FRIDAY - MAY 4, 2012
  RGB Products and Applications Moderator - Mark DeMaria   
RGB Activities for the GOES-R Proving Ground Gary Jedlovec,
Mark DeMaria,
Tim Schmit
pptx | pdf
The Use of the RGB Products at the HPC, OPC, NHC, and SAB Proving Grounds Michael Brennan,
Michael Folmer
pptx | pdf
RGB Imagery Transition to WFOs for AWIPS I and AWIPS II Kevin Fuell,
Andrew Molthan
ppt | pdf
Envisioning RGBA Capabilities in AWIPS II and Initial Successes Jordan Gerth pptx | pdf