7th GOES Users' Conference

Wynfrey Hotel, Birmingham , AL

October 19-21, 2011

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The 7th GOES Users Conference was held October 19-21, 2011 at the Wynfrey Hotel & Convention Center in Birmingham, AL in conjunction with the 36th Annual Meeting of the National Weather Association (NWA).  The GUC is an event designed to bring together operational forecasters, broadcasters, researchers, and scientists interested in better understanding and maximizing the use and impact of satellite data, information, and products. The specific goals of the conference were to:
  • Continue to improve communication throughout NOAA and the GOES user communities;
  • Inform users on the status of the GOES-R constellation, instruments, and operations; and,
  • Promote interaction between and among providers and users of current and future GOES data, applications and products to enhance development and use of GOES information in operational forecasts.
NWA/GUC Joint Satellite Poster Session
4.1 ABI Flight Performance Predictions Based on PTM Test Results Dr. Paul C. Griffith, Alan Bell, John Van Naarden,
Erik Hoffman and Chris Ellsworth
4.2 A Grobner Basis Solution for Lightning Ground Flash Fraction Retrieval R. Solakiewicz, R. Attele,
W. Koshak
ppt | pdf
4.3 Assimilation of Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) Data into the Prototype High Resolution Rapid Refresh for Alaska (HRRRAK) Don Morton, Kayla Harrison, Brad Zavodsky and Gary Jedlovec pptx | pdf
4.4 Demonstration of RGB Composite Imagery at NOAA National Centers in Preparation for GOES-R Kevin Kenneth Fuell,
Andrew Molthan
4.5 Development of GOES-R Algorithms Using a Common Framework and Data Model Design Approach Scott Zaccheo, Craig Richard, David B. Hogan and Edward Kennelly pdf
4.6 6 End-to-End Design and Development of GOES-R Level 2 Algorithms: Cloud Pathfinder Algorithm Case Study Andra Ivan, P. A. Van Rompay, L. Belvin, and
X. Papadakis
4.7 Enhanced Use of GOES for Estimating Land Surface Wetness With Application to Wildfire Forecasting at the NOAA Storm Prediction Center Robert Rabin,
Phillip Bothwell
4.8 Evaluation of NASA SPoRT's Pseudo-Geostationary Lightning Mapper Products in the 2011 Spring Program Geoffrey T. Stano,
Christopher Siewert, and Kristin M. Kuhlman
4.9 Geospatial Assessment of the Reconstruction of the 1999 Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Melissa A. Wagner, Randy Cerveny and Soe W. Myint  
4.10 GOES Imager Stray Light Correction Hyre Bysal, Steven Buford, Timothy J. Schmit, Grant Matthews, and Xiangqian (Fred) Wu  
4.11 GOES Playback and Display: Interacting with Movies James L. Carr, Michael D. Smith and David M. Zakar pdf
4.12 GOES-R AWG Product Processing System Framework: System Design Walter Wolf, Shanna Sampson, Ray Garcia, Graeme Martin, and
Xinpin Liu
4.13 GOES-R Ground System and Algorithm Implementation Design Alexander Werbos and Elizabeth Lundgren, Robert Kaiser pdf
4.14 GOES-R GS Product Generation Infrastructure Operations Mike Blanton pdf
4.15 GOES-R Product Definition and Users' Guide - Work in Progress Christa C. Hornbaker and Michelle Burch pptx | pdf
4.16 GOES-R Products List and Planned Availability Donald Gray  
4.17 GOES-R Proving Ground Product Development at CIRA Daniel T. Lindsey, Don Hillger, Deb Molenar, John A. Knaff and Mark DeMaria, and Steve Miller, Renate Brummer, Louie Grasso, Stan Kidder, Dan Bikos, Jeff Braun, Bernie Connell, Ed Szoke, Hiro Gosden, Kevin Micke and Robert DeMaria pptx | pdf
4.18 GOES-R Sectorized Cloud and Moisture Imagery Products William H. Campbell,
Marge M. Ripley and
Jean-Jacques P. Bedet, James N. Heil and
Brian S. Gockel
pptx | pdf
4.19 How GOES-R Will Limit Outages and Breaks In Continuity Les Spain pdf
4.20 Improved Forecasts of Convective Initiation Associated with the North American Monsoon System Brian Guyer and
Deirdre Kann
pptx | pdf
4.21 Improving high impact weather forecasts with combined GOES-R measurements and advanced infrared soundings from JPSS Jun Li pdf
4.22 Investigating the Impact of AIRS Thermodynamic Profiles on Convective Forecasts for the April 25-27, 2011 Severe Weather Events in the Southeastern United States Bradley T. Zavodsky, Danielle M. Kozlowski, Andrew L. Molthan, and Jonathan L. Case pptx | pdf
4.23 Nighttime Oil Spills Detection and Monitoring by Infrared Satellite Remote Sensing Sungwook Hong, In-Chul Shin, Su-Mi Koh and
Jong-Seo Park
4.24 2011 Satellite Direct Readout Conference Poster Marlin O. Perkins pdf
4.25 NOAA’s Suite of Operational Geostationary Sea Surface Temperature Products Current and Future Eileen Maturi, Andy Harris and Jon Mittaz, and John Sapper and Robert Potash  
4.26 NREPS Applications for Water Supply and Management in California and Tennessee Patrick Gatlin, Mariana Felix Scott and Lawrence D. Carey, and Walter A. Petersen ppt | pdf
4.27 Objective Validation of Satellite-Based Convective Initiation Algorithms Using Radar Valliappa Lakshmanan, Robert Rabin, Justin Sieglaff, John Walker, and Gary Wade  
4.28 Operational Applications of New Satellite Data Sets in NWS Eastern Region Dave Radell,
Frank Alsheimer
4.29 Severe Storm Identification with the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU) Ralph Ferraro, Chi Quinn, and Daneld Cecil, pptx | pdf
4.30 The GOES-R Product Generation Architecture Gerald Dittberner, Satya Kalluri, and Allan Weiner and Anderson Tarpley pdf
4.31 The GRB Simulator: A System for Testing GOES-R Rebroadcast (GRB) Data Streams Kevin Gibbons, Randall Race, Cliff Miller, Ken Barnes, and Gerald Dittberner pdf
4.32 The Ground Segment Architecture for GOES-R Dennis Hansen and Allan Weiner, Satya Kalluri, Gerald Dittberner, and J. Bistrow pdf
4.33 The Reproducibility of Research Baseline Results in Implemented Algorithms Rajiv Khanna, Ted Kennelly pdf
4.34 The Satellite Analysis Branch Hazard Mitigation Programs Jamie Kibler ppt | pdf
4.35 The SUVI On-Orbit Calibration Underflight Program: A Feasibility Study Linda Habash Krause,
Amy R. Winebarger, and Jonathan W. Cirtain,
Ken Kobayashi and
Brian Robinson, and
Steven D. Pavelitz
4.36 Transitioning Improvements in the GOES Sounder Profile Retrieval Algorithm into Operations Gary S. Wade,
James P. Nelson III, Amerigo S. Allegrino,
Seth I. Gutman,
Daniel L. Birkenheuer, Zhenglong Li,
Anthony J. Schreiner, Timothy J. Schmit,
Jaime Daniels, and Jun Li
ppt | pdf
4.37 Updated Analysis of Lossless Compression Techniques for the GOES-R Rebroadcast (GRB) Sub-System Peter Finocchio, Bobby H. Braswell, Yuguang He, David B. Hogan and Daniel Hunt  
4.38 NOAA/NESDIS Satellite and Product Operations: User Services, Outreach and Help Desk Overview Matthew Seybold and Natalia Donoho  
4.39 Using High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Data and a NASA Land Information System to Initialize a Local Weather Forecast Model at NWS Houston/Galveston Lance Wood and
Scott Overpeck
4.40 Using the Water Body Database for GOES-R Landmarking James L. Carr, David J. Herndon and Sarah Reehl pdf
4.41 Validation of a Convective Storm Growth Detection Algorithm using a Satellite-Based Object Tracking Methodology Lee M. Cronce, Justin M. Sieglaff, Daniel C. Hartung and Wayne F. Feltz  
4.42 Advances in Technology to Optimize Use of DCS on
Kay Metcalf pdf
4.43 HRIT/EMWIN: The Evolution of LRIT and EMWIN Paul Seymour, Robert Wagner, Santos Rodriguez, Craig Keeler, Kevin McMahon pdf
4.44 Available Tools for Visualizing and Analyzing GOES-R Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) Kaba Bah, Tim Schmit,
Tom Achtor, Marcia Cronce, and Gary Wade
  HRIT / EMWIN Sample Data Suite Paul Seymour, Robert Wagner, Santos Rodriguez, Kevin McMahon pdf
  A Flexible Low Cost EMWIN-HRIT Receiver for the GOES-R Transition Esteban Valles, Konstantin Tarasov and Alan Choy pdf

Welcome and Opening Remarks James Gurka  
Keynote Address Gregory Mandt pptx | pdf
Joint NWA/GUC Session 1: Current and Future GOES
Session Chair: Ken Carey
Chair, Professional Development Committee,
2011 NWA Abstract Committee, GUC Committee, Noblis, Inc., Falls Church, VA
NOAA’s GOES Satellites: Current Status, Operational Updates, Improvements and Short-Term Plans Thomas Renkevens ppt | pdf
The Tennessee Floods of May 2010: A Satellite Perspective Sheldon Kusselson,
Limin Zhao, Stanley Kidder and John Forsythe,
Robert Kuligowski
ppt | pdf
The Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) on the GOES-R Series Timothy J. Schmit,
James Gurka,
Mathew M. Gunshor
pptx | pdf
High Impact Weather Forecasts and Warnings with the GOES-R Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) Steven Goodman,
Richard Blakeslee and William Koshak,
Douglas Mach
pptx | pdf
How AWIPS II will bring GOES-R Capabilities and Science to the Field Jordan J. Gerth pptx | pdf
Joint NWA/GUC Session 2: GOES-R Proving Ground
Session Chair: Frank Brody (Councilor),
NOAA/NWS, NASA Spaceflight Meteorology Group, Houston, TX
GOES-R Proving Ground Partnership James Gurka and
Steve Goodman,
Timothy Schmit,
Anthony Mostek,
Mark DeMaria
pptx | pdf
NWS Field Perspective of the GOES-R Proving Ground Jeffrey P. Craven,
Marcia Cronce and
Steve Davis
pptx | pdf
Proving Ground Activities at the National Hurricane Center John L. Beven II and Michael Brennan, Mark DeMaria and John Knaff, Chris Velden pptx | pdf
The GOES-R Proving Ground at NOAA's Storm Prediction Center and Hazardous Weather Testbed Christopher Siewert and Kristin Kuhlman, Steven Goodman, Bonnie Reed,
Russell Schneider
ppt | pdf
Advancements Toward Fused Satellite, Radar, NWP, and In Situ Aviation Weather Decision Support Wayne Feltz ppt | pdf
GUC Lunch Panel

“The Path Forward to Ensure User Readiness
for GOES-R”
- Vanessa Griffin
pptx | pdf
“Planning for New Satellite Exploitation in Future NWS Operations” - Mike Johnson ppt | pdf
“Training for GOES-R User Readiness” -
Anthony Mostek
ppt | pdf

Steven Goodman

Michael Johnson,
Vanessa Griffin,
Anthony Mostek,
Rusty Billingsley,
Dan Satterfield

Session 3:
Benefits of GOES-R Products for Forecasters/Broadcasters - Part I

Session Chair: Dan Satterfield
WHNT NEWS 19, Huntsville, AL
Overview of GOES-R Proving Ground Activities at SPoRT Gary Jedlovec, Kevin Fuell, Andrew Molthan,
Matthew Smith,
Geoffrey Stano
pptx | pdf
Training in the NOAA Satellite Proving Ground – Focus on User Readiness and Decision Support Services Brian Motta,
Anthony Mostek,
James Gurka,
Timothy J. Schmit
ppt | pdf
GOES Data and Products in the Space Weather Forecast Office Mary Shouldis,
Rodney Viereck, Steven Hill, Josh Rigler,
Juan Rodriguez, and
Paul Lotoaniu
pptx | pdf
GOES-R for Broadcast Meteorologists – Going from a Trickle to a Fire Hose Dan Satterfield ppt | pdf
Session 4:
Benefits of GOES-R Products for Forecasters/Broadcasters - Part II

Session Chair: Jeffrey Craven
NOAA/NWS, Milwaukee/Sullivan, WI
Developing and Evaluating RGB Composite MODIS Imagery for Applications in NWS Forecast Offices Andrew L. Molthan,
Hayden K. Oswald,
Kevin K. Fuell
pptx | pdf
Improving Short-Term Predictions and the Identification of Hazardous Weather Deirdre Kann, Brian Guyer, and Annette Mokry pptx | pdf
Meteosat Third Generation (MTG): An Innovative Approach to Advanced Observations from the Geostationary Orbit Rolf Stuhlmann,
Sergio Rota, Lothar Schwarz, and Chris Hartley
pptx | pdf
Optimizing the Lightning Forecast Algorithm within the Weather Research and Forecasting Model Eugene W. McCaul, Jonathan L. Case,
Steven J. Goodman,
Scott R. Dembek,
Fanyou Kong
ppt | pdf
An Overview of New and Unique GOES-R Products for Hazard Assessments Michael Pavolonis,
Daniel C. Hartung and Justin Sieglaff
pptx | pdf
GOES-R Post Launch Activities Vanessa Griffin,
Satya Kalluri and Christopher Wheeler
pptx | pdf
User Input from Past GOES Users’ Conferences James Gurka ppt | pdf
GUC Dinner – “Reconnect With Your Passion Now!" James Spann  

Session 5:
User Discussion and Recommendations

Session Chair: James Spann
(NWA Annual Meeting Program Committee), WBMA-TV, Birmingham, AL
Intro to Group Topics; Discussion on Purpose and Logistics James Gurka  
Group Discussion I:
Exploiting GOES Data/Products

        Full Circle pptx | pdf
Facilitator: Ken Carey

Subject Experts:
Tim Schmit,
Tom Renkevens

Scribes: Omitron

Presenter: Deirdre Kann

NWS Field Representative:
Jeff Craven

NWS National Center Representative: Jack Beven

Proving Ground Representatives:
Wayne Feltz,
Michael Folmer

James Spann,
Dan Satterfield
pptx | pdf

Group Discussion II:
Operational Enhancements by Leveraging the GOES-R Proving Ground
Facilitator: Ken Carey

Subject Experts:
Steve Goodman

Scribes: Omitron

NWS Field Representative / Presenter:
Rusty Billingsley

NWS National Center Representative:
Jamie Kibler

Proving Ground Representatives:
Chris Siewert

James Spann,
Dan Satterfield
ppt | pdf

Group Discussion III:
Maximizing Operational User Readiness/Decision Support
Facilitator: Ken Carey

Subject Experts:
Jim Gurka, Brian Motta

Scribes: Omitron

Presenter: Jim LaDue

NWS Field Representative:
Tony Mostek

NWS National Center Representative:
Jim LaDue

Proving Ground Representatives:
Bonnie Reed

James Spann,
Dan Satterfield
ppt | pdf
Group Topical Discussion Summaries    
Closing Remarks James Gurka