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Future Products: Aircraft Icing Threat

Download product algorithm theoretical basis document (ATBD)
Example of the Flight Icing Threat index computed from the GOES-12 imager at 1745 UTC on November 8, 2008. LGT= light icing; MOG=Moderate or greater icing.

Example of the flight icing threat index computed from the GOES-12 imager at 17:45 UTC on November 8, 2008. LGT = light icing; MOG = moderate or greater icing.

The aircraft icing product algorithm utilizes satellite-derived cloud properties (phase, temperature, optical depth, liquid water path, and effective radius) to produce a flight icing threat product. Utilization of several key ABI spectral channels enable the generation of cloud property information that enables one to determine the likelihood of the presence of super-cooled water which often freezes on airframes upon contact. This product will identify those cloud regimes that have the potential to produce aircraft icing. Aviation weather forecasters will use this information to identify areas with a high icing threat and warn pilots of these areas, averting any potential hazards.