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Future Products: Cloud Type

 caption follows:
Full disk false color image from Meteosat-8 SEVIRI for 12:00 UTC on 25 November 2005 (left). Example of the Cloud Type product (right) as generated by the GOES-R Cloud Type algorithm.
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The Cloud Type algorithm will utilize four infrared ABI spectral bands and a series of spectral and spatial tests to retrieve six different cloud types: clouds containing water, supercooled water, mixed phase (water and ice), thick ice, thin ice, and multilayered ice. The Cloud Type product contains information on multilayered clouds and cirrus that is useful to higher-level algorithms such as the cloud top height retrieval. In addition, other downstream cloud algorithms that include the Cloud Optical Properties algorithms, the Fog Detection/Fog Depth algorithm, and the Cloud Icing algorithm, require the Cloud Type and Phase products. The Cloud Type and Phase information will also be useful input to advanced ABI applications such as severe weather prediction and tropical cyclone intensity estimation