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Future Products: Convective Initiation

 caption follows:
CI algorithm output examples from five-minute Meteosat-8 SEVIRI data from June 8, 2007. The top two images are at time 1 (10:24 UTC), the middle two images are time 2 (10:29 UTC). For the top two rows, the left side is the 10.7 micron channel image and the images on the right are the defined objects. The bottom row on the right is algorithm output valid at 10:29 UTC and the bottom image on the left is the actual infrared image in the future at 11:24 UTC.
Download product algorithm theoretical basis document (ATBD)

The higher spatial and temporal resolution of the ABI allows forecasters to keep up with a rapidly evolving convective environment. The primary spectral band used in the convective initiation algorithm is the longwave window infrared band. This will be used to detect rapidly cooling cloud tops and the cloud type. These two products used in tandem will allow forecasters to identify where convective initiation is occurring, where it is likely to occur, and where it has already initiated. Forecasters will use the information provided by the convective initiation algorithm to create public awareness of a potential severe weather event long before any severe weather is reported.