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Future Products: Downward Longwave Radiation (Surface)

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Example of the surface Downward Longwave Radiation (W/m**2) product as generated by the GOES-R Downward Longwave Radiation algorithm for Terra MODIS on 24 August 2006 at 1610 UTC.
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The ABI Surface Downward Longwave Radiation algorithm generates the downward component of the thermal infrared radiative flux at the Earth’s surface. This product will be computed at each clear ABI pixel and will be derived by using data provided from the GOES-R ABI Land and Sea Surface Temperature products. The DLR product will provide one of the four critical components of the Earth’s surface energy budget which is an important factor in determining the temperature fields at the surface and greatly affects the oceanic and atmospheric circulations. The other three radiative fluxes are the upward longwave radiation, the incoming solar radiation (insolation), and the reflected solar radiation. Information from the DLR product will provide more accurate data to be used in climate prediction models.