Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R Series

A collaborative program of NOAA and NASA

GOES-R: The Future of NOAA's Geostationary Weather Satellites

With the next generation of weather-observing satellites on the horizon, NOAA is poised to significantly improve weather forecasting and severe weather prediction.

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GOES-R Future

GOES-R Mission Rehearsals

The GOES-R team has begun a series of important rehearsals to simulate specific phases of the GOES-R mission, from launch to post-launch events and receiving data from the satellite once it’s in orbit.

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mission rehersals have begun

GOES-R Quarterly Newsletter

Issue 13, 1st Quarter 2016

The latest GOES-R Quarterly Newsletter is now available for download.

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Coming this fall to an orbit near you!

GOES-R will launch on October 13, 2016.

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Why GOES-R Matters
GOES-R Trailer Video

GOES-S,T,U Development

As the GOES-R Satellite goes through mechanical testing, GOES-S,T,U are also making significant progress.

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NOAA Weather Satellite Orbits

This new animation illustrates the big picture of NOAA's fleet of satellites and where the geostationary GOES-R satellite will play its role.


New Animations

I'm GOES-R & Getting GOES-R to Orbit

From weather and hazards on Earth to search and rescue and bursts of energy from the sun, the GOES-R satellite will see it all from 22,000 miles above our planet!


In Depth :

inDepth User Systems

User Systems

GOES-R data will be used in real time for critical weather forecasting and warning applications. Users will access GOES-R data in a number of ways.

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inDepth Proving Ground

Proving Ground

The GOES-R Proving Ground facilitates research-to-operations, engaging the forecast and warning community in preoperational demonstration and evaluation of simulated GOES-R products.

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inDepth Data Products

Data Products

The GOES-R series will make available 34 atmospheric, land, ocean, solar and space weather products for the forecasting and warning community. Read More

inDepth Ground System

Ground System

Ground support is critical to the GOES-R series mission. NOAA has developed a state-of-the-art ground system to receive data from the GOES-R spacecraft and generate real-time GOES-R products.

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