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Instruments Overview
There are three classifications of GOES-R instruments:

Earth-pointed “business end” of GOES
Highly stable, precision pointed platform
Dynamically isolated from the rest of the spacecraft
Supports operation of the ABI and GLM

Utilizes a Sun Pointing Platform (SPP) housed on the solar array yoke
The SPP provides a stable platform that tracks the seasonal and daily movement of the sun relative to the spacecraft
Supports operation of the ABI, GLM, and Unique Payload Services (UPS)

SEISS and the Magnetometer provide localized measurements of particles and fields in geosynchronous orbit
Accommodation challenges include:
  - A wide variance in Field-of-View (FOV) requirements for the SEISS sensors
  - A boom to provide relative magnetic isolation for the Magnetometer

Image:  Instruments Overview
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Instrument Status
ABI:   Flight Models for GOES-R and GOES-S complete
EXIS:   Flight Models for GOES-R and GOES-S complete
GLM:   GOES-R Flight Model complete
MAG:   GOES-R Flight Model complete
SEISS:   GOES-R Flight Model complete
SUVI:   GOES-R Flight Model complete
GOES-R Instrument Suites

Click below to watch a video overview of the six GOES-R instrument suites and learn about the monitoring and detecting improvements they will provide.
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