GOES-R Acronyms (A)

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%AC   percent area coverage
A&A   Assessment and Authorization
A&O   Acquisition and Operations
A&R   Applicable and Reference
A&S   Analysis and Simulation
A/D   analog to digital
A   Ampere(s)
Aa   Availability achieved
AA   Archive and Access
AA   Assistant Administrator (NOAA)
AA   Associate Administrator (NASA)
AAA   aerosol, air chemistry, and air quality
AAS   American Astronautical Society
AAS   Antenna Administrative Server
AATSR   Advanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer
AAWDS   Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) Algorithm Working Group (AWG)/University of Wisconsin (UW) Data Set
AAWU   Alaska Aviation Weather Unit
ABI   Advanced Baseline Imager
ABIE   Advanced Baseline Imager Emulator
ABISS   Advanced Baseline Imager Star Selection
ABL   Allocated Baseline
ABPL   As-Built Parts List
ABR   Area Border Router
AC   Above Clouds
AC   Access Control (security)
AC   Accomplishment Criteria
AC   Active Cooler
AC   Actual Cost
AC   Area Coverage
ACA   Associate Contractor Agreement
ACC   Attitude Control Console
ACCS   Accounting Code Classification Structure
ACE   Advanced Composition Explorer
ACK   acknowledgement
ACL   Access Control List
ACM   Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) Clear Sky Mask
ACO   Administrative Contracting Officer
ACP   Access Control Plan
ACRN   Accounting Classification Reference Number
ACS   Attitude Control System
ACSPO   Advanced Clear-Sky Processor for Oceans
ACT   ABI Cloud Type
ACT   Activation and Characterization Test
ACTD   Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
ACTE   Auxiliary Communication Test Equipment
ACU   Antenna Control Unit
ACWP   Actual Cost of Work Performed
ACWS   Actual Cost of Work Scheduled
ADAM   Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems (MSC Software)
ADC   Analog to Digital Converter
ADD   Algorithm Description Document
ADDE   Abstract Data Distribution Environment (McIDAS data server)
ADEB   Algorithm Development Executive Board
ADIS   Angle Detecting Inclined Sensor
ADL   AER Development Lab
ADM   Aerosol Detection Product
ADM   Angular Distribution Model
ADMP   Algorithm Development Management Plan
ADO   Algorithm Development Organization
ADP   Analog Detection Product
ADPL   As-Delivered Parts List
ADR   Algorithm Design Review
ADRR   Algorithm Design Review Report
ADRS   Ancillary Data Review System
ADT   Advanced Dvorak Technique
AE   Autumnal Equinox
AE   Ångström exponent
AECS   Automated Entry Control System
AEHF   Advanced Extremely High Frequency
AEL   Active Event List
AER   Atmospheric & Environmental Research Inc.
AERI   Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer
AERONET   AErosol RObotics NETwork
AEROSE   Aerosol and Ocean Science Expedition
AES   Advanced Encryption Standard
AES   Automated Export System
AET   Aerospace Engineering Technician
AET   Antenna Element Tracking
AETD   Applied Engineering and Technology Directorate
AF   Assured Forwarding
AF   Automation Framework
AF   award fee
AFM   Anti-alias Filter Module
AFRB   Award Fee Review Board
AFRL   Air Force Research Laboratory
AFSCM   Air Force Space Command Manual
AFSPCMAN   Air Force Space Command Manual
AFSCN   Air Force Space Command Network
AFSPC   Air Force Space Command
AFWA   Air Force Weather Agency
AG   as generated
AGE   Aerospace Ground Equipment
AGI   Analytical Graphics, Inc.
AGM   Annual Guidance Memorandum
AGMA   American Gear Manufacturers Association
AGO   Acquisition and Grants Office (NOAA)
AGS   Alaska Ground System
AH   Authorization Header
AHI   Advanced Himawari Imager
AI   actiion item
AI   Availability - Inherent
AI&T   assembly, integration, and test
AIAA   American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics
AIADD   Algorithm Interface and Ancillary Data Description
AIM   ABI Ice Motion
AIP   Aerosol Imagery Products
AIR   Action Item Review
AIRS   Atmospheric Infrared Sounder
AIS   Automated Instrument Scheduling
AISC   American Institute of Steel Construction
AIT   Algorithm Integration Team
AIT   Assembly Integration and Test
AITA   ABI Ice Thickness and Age
AITP   Algorithm Implementation and Test Plan
AJAX   Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
ALC   Automatic/Auto-Level Control
ALI   EO-1 Advanced Land Imager
AlloID's   Allocation identifications
ALT   Accelerated Life Testing
AMCS   Articulation Motor Control System
AMM   Analog Magnetometer Module
AMO   Air Mass Zero
AMOS   Automatic Meteorological Observing Station
AMS   Agent Management Services
AMS   American Meteorological Society
AMSC   American Mobile Satellite Corporation
AMSR-E   Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer - Earth Observing System
AMSU   Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit
AMV   Atmospheric Motion Vectors
ANCF   AWIPS Network Control Facility
AND   Alpha-Numeric Display (part of SDGUD suite)
ANGEN   Analytic Generation of Spectral Response
ANSI   American National Standards Institute
ANSI/EIA   ANSI/Electronics Industry Associates
ANSI/ISO   ANSI/International Organization of Standards
ANT   Antenna/Antenna Systems
ANTC   Antenna Station Control
AO   Active Object
AO   Active Operational
AO   Aft Optics
AO   Announcement of Opportunity
Ao   Availability (Operational)
AoA   Analysis of Alternatives
AOC   Active Object Class
AOD   Aerosol Optical Depth
AODR   Authorizing Official’s Designated Representative
AODT   Advanced Objective Dvorak Technique
AOL   Atmosphere Oceans and Land
AOP   Annual Operating Plan
AOS   Acquisition of Signal
AOS   Advanced Orbiting System
AP   Advanced Platform
AP   Algorithm Package
APA   Allowance for Program Adjustment
API   Application Programming Interface
APID   Application Process Identifier
APM   Assistant Project Manager
APO   Annual Operating Plan
APOLLO   AVHRR Processing Scheme over Land, Clouds and Ocean
APPF   Astrotech Payload Processing Facility
APPL   Academy of Program and Project Leardership
APS   Active Pixel Sensor
APS   Aerosol Particle Size
AQ   Air Quality
AQC   Automatic Quality Control
AQPG   Air Quality Proving Ground
AR   Acceptance Review
AR   as required
ARB   Acquisition Review Board
ARC   Ames Research Center
ARES   Applied Research and Engineering Sciences
ARM   Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program (U.S. Department of Energy)
ARR   Algorithm Readiness Review
ART   Anomaly Reporting and Tracking
ARTCC   Air Route Traffic Control Center
ARTEMIS   Acceleration, Reconnection, Turbulence and Electrodynamics of the Moon's Interface with the Sun
ARTS   ASRC Research and Technology Solutions
AS   Advanced Server
AS   Antenna System
ASA   Assistant Secretary for Administration
ASAR   Antenna System Acceptance Review
ASCAT   Advanced Scatterometer
ASCII   American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCOUTS   A2100 Satellite Check Out and Universal Test System
ASCR   Antenna Station Certification Review
ASD   Acceleration Spectral Density
ASDP   Alliance for Supplier Diversity Professionals
ASDR   Antenna System Delivery Review
ASE   Asset Sustainability Edition
ASI   Application Specific Input
ASIC   Application Specific Integrated Circuits
ASIS   Antenna System Interface Simulator
ASIST   Advanced Spacecraft Integration and Systems Test
ASM   Acquisition Strategy Meeting
ASN   Autonomous System Number
ASO   Application Specific Output
ASO   Astrotech
ASOC   Atlas Spaceflight Operations Center
ASOS   Automated Surface Observing System
ASP   Attitude Sensor Package
ASP   Aerosol Size Parameter
ASPB   Advanced Satellite Products Branch
ASPD   Assistant System Program Director
ASQC   American Society for Quality Control
ASRC   Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
ASRS   Antenna System Requirements Specification
AST   All Software Testbed
ASTER   Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection radiometer (EOS)
ASTM   American Society for Testing and Materials
ASTMGT   Asset Management
ASU   Advanced Settings Utility
ASU   Arizona State University
AT   Action Team
AT   Awareness and Training
ATBD   Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document
ATC   Advanced Technology Center
ATC   Assurance Technology Corporation
ATCF   Air Traffic Control Association
ATCF   Automated Tropical Cyclone Forecast
ATD   Advanced Technology Development
ATK   Alliant Techsystems Incorporated
ATIP   Algorithm and Test Implementation Plan
ATLO   Assembly, Test and Launch Operations
ATM   Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATO   Authority To Operate
ATP   Acceptance Test Procedure
ATP   Aeronautics Test Program
ATP   Algorithm Test and Performance
ATP   Authority To Proceed
ATR   Alternative Technical Representative
ATRR   Acceptance Test Readiness Review
ATS   Absolute Time Sequence
AU   Astronomical Unit
AV   Anti-Virus
AVD   Active Vibration Damping
AVHRR   Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
AVI   Airborne Visible Imager
Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
AVS   Angular Velocity sensor

Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data

AWA   Antenna Wing Assembly
AWC   Aviation Weather Center (NWS)
AWE   Alert, Warning and Event
AWG   Algorithm Working Group
AWG   Arbitrary Waveform Generator
AWiFS   Advanced Wide Field Sensor
AWIPS   Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
AWT   Aviation Weather Test Bed