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ABI Improvements
image:  ABI Improved Resolution
ABI Improved Resolution

The GOES-R ABI will have sixteen spectral bands, compared to five on the current GOES Imager, and will provide three times more spectral information, four times the spatial resolution, and more than five times faster temporal coverage than the current system.

GOES-R Fog Probability Product Improvements

The improved spectral information, spatial resolution, and temporal resolution provided by the ABI will result in a more
accurate Fog Probability Product.

Heritage GOES Fog Detection GOES-R Algorithm Applied to GOES GOES-R Algorithm Applied to GOES-R
image:  ABI fog detection images

GOES-R Atmospheric Motion Vectors
image:  ABI Atmospheric Motion Vectors
The GOES-R ABI will provide automated hurricane intensity estimates for tropical cyclone analysts over the GOES-R observation domain using infrared geostationary infrared window (IRW) imagery. The higher density winds derived from the GOES-R ABI allow forecasters to more accurately determine the extent of the eye and gale force winds, and will improve the model forecasts of track and intensity.
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