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Future Capability Products
The following is a compiled list of products which may be made available as future capabilities for the GOES-R series. Click links for Future Capability Product descriptions.

+ View Baseline Products (including meteorological, solar, and space weather products)  |  View GOES-R LIRD

  Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI)
    Absorbed Shortwave Radiation: Surface
    Aerosol Particle Size
    Aircraft Icing Threat
    Cloud Ice Water Path
    Cloud Layers/Heights
    Cloud Liquid Water
    Cloud Type
    Convective Initiation
    Currents: Offshore
    Downward Longwave Radiation: Surface
    Enhanced "V" / Overshooting Top Detection
    Flood/Standing Water
    Ice Cover
    Low Cloud and Fog
    Ozone Total
    Probability of Rainfall
    Rainfall Potential
    Sea and Lake Ice: Age
    Sea and Lake Ice: Concentration
    Sea and Lake Ice: Motion
    Snow Depth (Over Plains)
    SO2 Detection
    Surface Albedo
    Surface Emissivity
    Tropopause Folding Turbulence Prediction
    Upward Longwave Radiation: Surface
    Upward Longwave Radiation: TOA
    Vegetation Fraction: Green
    Vegetation Index
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