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GOES-R Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  Geostationary Weather Satellites and Remote Sensing   |   General Information   |   GOES-R Users
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Geostationary Weather Satellites and Remote Sensing
Why do we need weather satellites?
Why is geostationary orbit needed?
What exactly do the GOES detect?
How do the GOES detect this energy?
How are the detectors tuned to Earth?
Why is space weather important?
What role does GOES play in Search and Rescue?
GOES-R General Information
What is GOES-R?
When will GOES-R launch?
When will GOES-R become operational?
What monitoring capabilities will be available with GOES-R?
What improvements will GOES-R have over the current GOES satellites?
How do NASA and NOAA support GOES-R?
What is the Consolidated Backup (CBU)?
GOES-R Users
What is being done to prepare the user community for the launch of GOES-R?
What is the Proving Ground?
Will the products based on the ABI provide an adequate substitute for legacy sounder products?
What is GOES Rebroadcast (GRB)?
Can I receive GRB data with my current system?
What is a GRB Simulator and how can I obtain one?
When will GOES-R be placed in an operational orbit location and will the location be in the West or East?
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