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GOES-R Multimedia - Space Segment
Advanced Baseline Imager:
When the next generation of NOAA geostationary satellites, GOES-R, launches in 2016, it will deliver highly advanced data and will continue an important legacy of Earth observations. The Advanced Baseline Imager, or ABI, is GOES-R’s primary instrument for scanning Earth’s weather, oceans, and environment and is a significant improvement over instruments on NOAA’s current geostationary satellites. ABI will offer faster imaging with much higher detail. It will also introduce new forecast products for severe weather, volcanic ash advisories, fire and smoke monitoring and other hazards.
Magnetometer Boom Deployment:
This video demonstrates a successful boom deployment from the GOES-R Magnetometer Engineering Development Unit. The Magnetometer boom will deploy after the GOES-R spacecraft launches, separates from its launch vehicle, and undergoes a series of orbit raising maneuvers.
GOES-R Beauty Pass:
An artist concept of the GOES-R spacecraft in geostationary orbit seeing lightning from space. One of the newest features of GOES-R is the critical ability to measure and see in-cloud lightning. Thus increasing the tornado warning time. Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, NOAA, Lockheed Martin
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Link to GOES-R 3D Model
GOES-R 3D Model:
The interactive GOES-R 3-D model illustrates the components of the spacecraft, including the instruments, unique payload services and antennas.
image:  Spacecraft - Day Earth thumb GOES-R Spacecraft Images:
A collection of GOES-R spacecraft images are available here.
image:  Instruments Image Gallery GOES-R Instruments Images:
A collection of GOES-R Instruments images are available here.
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