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GOES-R Multimedia - Space Weather
"Living With Space Weather"
Why is forecasting space weather important? Space weather can cause geomagnetic storms which may disrupt power utilities, communication and navigation systems and cause radiation damage to spacecraft, orbiting satellites and the International Space Station. This video explains how the GOES-R series satellites will advance space weather observations and warnings.
NOAA:  "Monitoring Space Weather"
This NOAA "Big Picture" video features Robert Rutledge, a forecaster at the NOAA National Weather Service NWS Space Weather Prediction Center, discussing how NOAA monitors space weather events, models their impact on Earth, and works with commercial sectors to protect lives and property.
NOAA:  What Happens At The Sun Doesn't Stay At The Sun
When explosions from the sun's outer atmosphere threaten Earth, forecasters at NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center let vulnerable industries know what to expect.
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