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title:  GOES-R Fun and Games
Learn more about meteorology and the GOES-R program by playing some fun and educational games! Find out what GOES stands for and how it will help predict the weather, how a hurricane forms, and how the Sun's weather affects us here on Earth.
image:  Weather Crossword Puzzle
Help Theo and Bill! In Hurricane Hero, they need to figure out where hurricanes will make landfall. Using data from the GOES-R satellite, estimate where the hurricanes will hit!
image:  Weather Crossword Puzzle
Spectrix   Create the perfect combinations
of colors to produce vital information about weather and the environment.
image:  Wild Weather Adventure Game
Rescue 406!  
A distress call from an emergency beacon goes off somewhere in the world. Satellites orbiting high above Earth receive the signal and relay the person’s location to search and rescue crews on the ground. In a new mobile game, Rescue 406, you will use information from satellites like GOES-R and JPSS to direct the rescue effort. You’ll need to be quick to keep up with an increasing number of people in trouble! Rescue 406 is available in the Apple iTunes store for iPhone and other iOS devices.
image:  Write a Weather Adventure Story
Help to capture and store the flood of data from GOES-R. In the Satellite Insight game, you will have to think and move fast to keep up with the massive flow of different types of data being captured by GOES-R. Satellite Insight is also available on iTunes
for iPhone and other iOS devices.  Download here.
image:  How Does a Hurricane Form?
Play GOES-R Flight Controller, and help plan hazard-avoiding flight paths for passenger planes flying between cities. You will have the help of three types of "real-time" and computer-processed data from GOES-R. See if you can make it all the way to "Expert Flight Controller".
image:  The Bad (Weather) Joke Machine
Download the GOES-R Fun Pad and explore GOES-R through mazes, riddles, crosswords, word searches, and other fun activities!
image:  Weather Folklore
In "Shields Up!," warnings from the GOES-R satellite will let you know when to shield other Earth satellites from the harmful effects of bad space weather.
Weather Tricktionary
Weather Tricktionary
How much do you know about the weather around you? Test your knowledge by picking out the correct definition for different weather terms.
title:  GOES-R Other Weather Related fun and Games
image: SpacePlace and SciJinks logos  

Fun Activities from The Space Place and SciJinks.
image: Weather Crossword Puzzle
Weather Word
Cross Puzzle
image:  Wild Weather Adventure Game
Wild Weather
Adventure Game
image: Write a Weather Adventure Story
Write a Weather
Adventure Story
image: How Does a Hurricane Form?
How Does a
Hurricane Form?
image:  The Bad (Weather) Joke Machine
The Bad (Weather)
Joke Machine
image: Weather Folklore
Weather Folklore
image: Weather Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles
image:  Explore the Solar System
Explore the
Solar System
Link to SciJinks Link to Space Place
image:  UCAR logo  
Memory games from the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Spark Science Education Program.
image: Clouds Memory Game
Clouds Memory Game
image:  Sun-Earth Connections and Space Weather Memory Game
Sun-Earth Connections and
Space Weather Memory Game
image:  Atmospheric Chemistry Memory Game
Atmospheric Chemistry
Memory Game Link to Splace Place Link to SciJinks
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