Educator Resources

Students are the future forecasters, broadcast meteorologists and policy makers. It is essential to engage the youth audience to promote understanding of geostationary satellite technology and encourage scientific study and exploration. GOES-R series partners have developed a number of classroom activities, educational material, lesson plans, and learning tools and games to help teachers educate students about weather, satellite meteorology and Earth science in a fun and engaging way. Below are links to resources for educators.

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GOES-R Education Proving Ground

The GOES-R Education Proving Ground features lesson plans developed by middle and high school science teachers and WebApps developed by NOAA Advanced Satellite Products Branch scientists in collaboration with researchers at the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS) to ensure that the education community is ready for new satellite imagery and improved products coming in the GOES-R era.


NOAA's Satellite and Information Service (NESDIS) Resources

NOAA's Satellite and Information Service (NESDIS) manages data relating to the Earth and solar environments. A selection of educator resources from NOAA and NESDIS about the Earth-Sun environment can be found at, in the “Teachers” section.

SciJinks  logo

SciJinks : Resources for middle- and high-school students and educators

SciJinks is the GOES and GOES-R website for middle- and high-school students and educators. It is all about weather, climate and other Earth science and technology topics, made interesting and easy to understand by games, simple and colorful explanations, fun facts, lots of images, and videos. The site is full of classroom activities, informative articles, and learning tools and games. Learn more at the SciJinks Educators page.

SpacePlace logo

Space Place: Resources for elementary-age students, teachers, and parents

The Space Place (in English and Spanish) is an award-winning NASA and NOAA site targeting elementary-age students, teachers, and parents. It imparts a rich breadth and depth of space and Earth science and technology content, with GOES and GOES-R playing their parts. It speaks directly to its audience of 8-11 year olds in a playful and appropriate way and also offers relevant content for educators and adults. The site makes the science of Earth and space exploration approachable and appealing to both aspiring scientists and kids who are just plain curious. Visit the Space Place Parents and Educators page for more information.