Images: Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI)

The Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) is the primary instrument on the GOES-R Series spacecraft for imaging Earth’s weather, oceans, and environment. ABI views Earth with 16 different spectral bands (compared to five on previous GOES), including two visible channels, four near-infrared channels, and ten infrared channels. ABI provides three times more spectral information, four times the spatial resolution, and more than five times faster coverage than the previous GOES imager.

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Images: GOES-S development

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Images: GOES-R development

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This section mirrors the Flickr gallery above but contains links to only HIGH RESOLUTION LOCAL (to our server as opposed to Flickr) images. It functions as a 'one click' quick access to the highest resolution version of each image as well as back up in the event Flickr is down.