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Images: Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI)

The GOES Series ABI is the primary instrument on the GOES-R series spacecraft for imaging Earth’s weather, oceans, and environment. ABI will improve every product from the current GOES Imager with faster imaging, higher resolution and more accurate calibration. ABI will also introduce a host of new products for severe weather forecasting, volcanic ash advisories, fire and smoke monitoring, and more. ABI will be able to view the Earth with 16 different spectral bands (compared to five on current GOES), including two visible channels, four near-infrared channels, and ten infrared channels. It will provide three times more spectral information, four times the spatial resolution, and more than five times faster coverage than the current system.

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Images: GOES-S Development

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Images: GOES-R Development

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Local High Resolution Image Links:

This section mirrors the Flickr gallery above but contains links to only HIGH RESOLUTION LOCAL (to our server as opposed to Flickr) images. It functions as a 'one click' quick access to the highest resolution version of each image as well as back up in the event Flickr is down.