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GOES-R & GeoXO Organizational Chart

Last Updated: May 2, 2022
GOES Org Chart
Download GOES-R Series Organizational Chart in PPT format. A 508 text equivalent screen reader accessible version follows.

Text Equivalent Screen Reader Accessible Org Chart

  • Level of indention indicates hierarchy.
  • Superscript1 indicates matrixed personnel.

  • Program Office
    System Program Director (SPD): Pam Sullivan, NOAA
    Deputy SPD: Ed Grigsby, NASA
    Assistant SPD: Jim Valenti, NOAA
    Chief of Staff: Kevin Fryar, NOAA
    Program Support Manager/ISO Jeremy Wilson, NASA
    • Program Control
      Lead: Steve Schaeffer, NOAA
    • Program Science
      GEO Scientist & GeoXO Program Scientist: Andy Heidinger, NOAA
      GOES-R Program Scientist & Deputy GeoXO Program Scientist: Dan Lindsey, NOAA
    • Program Contracts 1
      Core Ground Segment: Audrey Hogg, NOAA
      Geostationary Ground Sustainment Services: Jerry Robertson, NOAA
      Flight: Tammy Seidel, NASA
    • Program Systems Engineering
      Lead: Alexander Krimchansky, NASA
      Deputy: Craig Keeler, NOAA
    • Program Mission Assurance 1
      Lead: Syed Aziz , NASA
    • GeoXo Flight Project
      Project Manager: Candance Carlisle, NASA
      Deputy PM: Chris Wheeler,, NOAA
      Deputy PM: TBD, NASA
      Deputy PM (Resources): Heather Matthews, NASA
    • GOES-R Flight Project
      Project Manager: John Deily, NASA
      Deputy PM: Monica Todirita, NOAA
      Deputy PM: Vacant, NASA
      Deputy PM (Resources): Heather Matthews, NASA
    • GeoXO Ground Segment Project
      Project Manager (Acting): Steve Grippando, NASA
      Deputy PM:Vacant, NASA
      Deputy PM (Resources): Margaret Pavlik, NASA