GOES 16 Moving to Operational Position 75.2W

GOES-16 Drift and Transition to Operations

January 31, 2018

GOES-16 began drifting to the GOES East operational location of 75.2 degrees west longitude on November 30, 2017. GOES-16 reached 75.2 degrees west on December 11, 2017 and data flow resumed to users on December 14. On December 18, 2017, GOES-16 was declared NOAA’s GOES East operational satellite.

Access GOES-16 operational imagery through the GOES East Image Viewer

On December 14, 2017, GOES-13 direct GVAR was disabled. GOES-13 GVAR and LRIT were relayed through GOES-14 until January 8, 2018, at which time the GOES-13 GVAR relay through GOES-14 GVAR was disabled. GOES-13 ceased transmitting data on January 8 and began drifting to its storage location at 60 degrees west on January 9. The satellite arrived at 60 degrees west on January 31.

Now that the GOES-13 GVAR data stream is permanently deactivated, a number of satellite derived products using GOES-13 data are unavailable. NOAA/NESDIS plans to produce a set of equivalent products from the new GOES East satellite (GOES-16); however, in some cases legacy products will be degraded or discontinued entirely as a result of the loss of GOES East coverage.

GOES East Transition Plan for Replacement of GOES-13 with GOES-16

Please Note: The following dates are subject to change based on operational needs.

  GOES-13 GOES-16
Date Location Activity Location Activity

75°W (no change)

ESPC Notification of Transition Plan GOES-14 EMWIN and MDL (No SXI or XRS/EUV) are enabled.

89.3°W (no change) ESPC Notification of Transition Plan

Slight drift to eastern edge of GOES East slot at 74.5°W.

All Instruments and Services remain in Operations

Drift start at 1.35°/day moving eastward.

  • Five instruments (ABI, EXIS, GLM, SUVI, SEISS) placed in safe or diagnostic modes with no data capture or distribution.
  • Only MAG continues operating, but with data outages on days of drift start (11/30) and drift stop (12/11).

74.5°W (no change)

Nominal GVAR and LRIT continues and is also rerouted (in duplicate) through GOES-14 GVAR at 105°W. Users should repoint to GOES-14 no later than 12/14/17.

Still drifting

No change


74.5°W (no change)

Beginning 3 weeks of GOES-13 and GOES-16 ‘co-location’ instrument inter-comparisons.

Drift stop at 75.2°W

ABI, EXIS, GLM, SEISS, SUVI commanded to nominal operation modes. ABI INR convergence begins. Still no GRB RF, DCS, HRIT/EMWIN, SARSAT.


74.5°W (no change)

No change

75.2°W (no change)

Perform GOES-16 MAG calibration activity.


74.5°W (no change)

  • Disable DCS, LRIT, SARSAT
  • Disable nominal GVAR and LRIT
  • Rerouted GVAR via GOES-14 still in place until 1/2/18 for purposes of enabling seamless user transition to GOES-16 GRB.

75.2°W (no change)

  • Data distribution resumes for SBN/AWIPS, PDA, GNC-A, CLASS. Activate GRB RF, DCS, HRIT/EMWIN, SARSAT. All data distribution services on for GOES-16.

74.5°W (no change)

No change

75.2°W (no change)

  • GOES-16 products continue validation towards Provisional & Full Validation Maturity levels.
  • GOES-16 products continue validation towards Provisional & Full Validation Maturity levels.
  • Provisional Products (ABI L1b, CMI) no longer require “preliminary, non-operational” data caveat language
1/8/18 74.5°W (no change)
  • Disable GVAR rerouting via GOES-14.
  • Disable GOES-13 EMWIN and MDL.
75.2°W (no change)
1/9/18 Drift start at 0.7°/day moving eastward. 75.2°W (no change)


Drift stop at 60°W

75.2°W (no change)

Details as of January 8, 2018.

Notes: No planned maneuvers / special operations during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. No GOES East transition / interruption during Critical Weather Days.

GOES East assignment details which do not appear above:

  1. LZSS data availability and SUVI cal activities are not on this slide because they are not pertinent to the user community.
  2. ANCF/BNCF AWIPS and PDA distribution activities are not on this slide because those notifications are handled separately via NWS and PDA, respectively.
BLUE Background: indicates GOES East Operational Satellite
Green Background: indicates period of co-located GOES-13 & GOES-16 operations

See the NOAA OSPO General Satellite Messages webpage for satellite operations messages.