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GOES-16 : A Game-Changer for Fighting Deadly Wildfires

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GOES-17 Shares First Images of Alaska, Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean

The satellite arrived at its new vantage point on November 13, 2018

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Goes-17 Arrives at 137.2W First Image of Hawaii

GOES-17 Transition to Operations

GOES-17 will soon take its place as NOAA’s GOES West operational satellite.

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Goes-17 Transition to Operations

GOES-R Series Quarterly Newsletter

Issue 23, 3rd Quarter 2018

The latest GOES-R Series Quarterly Newsletter is now available for download.

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First infrared imagery from GOES-17

Despite cooling system issue, data is currently available from all 16 of the Advanced Baseline Imager’s bands.

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Goes-17 First ABI IR Data Images

First GOES-17 Imagery of the Sun

Solar Ultraviolet Imager captures solar flare

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Goes-17 First SUVI Image

First ABI Imagery
from GOES-17

NOAA releases new stunning views of Earth

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Goes-17 First Light ABI Full Disk Image with Launch Image Composited

First Lightning Imagery
from GOES-17

GLM is providing valuable data on developing severe storms

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Goes-17 First GLM Lightning Montage