Countdown to GOES-S Launch

GOES-S is scheduled to launch no earlier than March 1, 2018 at 5:02 p.m. EST
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GOES-S Set to Launch March 1, 2018

High Definition Goes West

GOES-S will boost weather forecast accuracy for western U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii

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GOES 16 Moving to Operational Position 75.2W

Earth in High Definition

Beautiful views of the Western Hemisphere from GOES-16, NOAA’s GOES-East operational satellite.

GOES-East Image Viewer GOES-16 Lightning Data
GOES 16 Moving to Operational Position 75.2W

GOES-R Series Quarterly Newsletter

Issue 20, 4th Quarter 2017

The latest GOES-R Series Quarterly Newsletter is now available for download.

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2017: The Year of GOES-16

A look back at a momentous year in forecasting.

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Goes-16 One Year of Data Montage.

GOES-16 is now operational!

Replaces GOES-13 as NOAA’s GOES-East satellite

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GOES 16 Moving to Operational Position 75.2W

GOES-S Arrives at Kennedy Space Center to Prepare for Launch

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GOES 16 Moving to Operational Position 75.2W

Celebrating One Year of GOES-16

GOES-16 was launched into space on November 19, 2016.

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Goes-16 One Year Anniversary Montage: launch, orbit placement, hurricanes, lightning, ground antennas

NOAA’s GOES-16 Provides Critical Data on Hurricane Maria

Satellite tracks the storm when radar goes down

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Hurricane Maria Strikes SE Puerto Rico