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GOES-U Completes Solar Array Deployment Test

The test verified that the satellite's large, five-panel solar array will properly deploy when GOES-U reaches geostationary orbit.

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GOES-U Completes Solar Array Deployment Testing

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Issue 41, 1st Quarter 2023

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GOES-18 is now GOES West

GOES-18 enters operational service as NOAA’s primary geostationary satellite over the Pacific Ocean.

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 GOES 18 transition to operations

NOAA’s GOES-U Completes Thermal Vacuum Testing

The final satellite in the GOES-R series is preparing for a 2024 launch.

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 GOES U being removed from thermal vac chamber

NOAA Shares Flashy First Imagery from GOES-18 Lightning Mapper

GLM monitored lightning activity within severe storms across the U.S.

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 GOES-18 First GLM Data - image show severe storm over farm with GLM data layered over clouds and GOES 18 above the earth

NOAA Debuts First Imagery from GOES-18

The satellite observed a number of weather events and environmental hazards across the Western Hemisphere.

 NOAA Debuts First Imagery from GOES 18

GOES-T Launch Success!

GOES-T launched from the Kennedy Space Center aboard an Atlas V rocket on March 1, 2022 4:38pm EST.

 GOES-T lifts off the launchpad and streaks across the sky

Earth from Orbit

This new video series features significant weather events and environmental hazards, as seen by NOAA satellites.

image montage of calendar, storm clouds and GOES Image of earth