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User Information: Overview

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The GOES-R Series Program is committed to ensuring that the user community is prepared for the new types of satellite imagery and data that will be available from the GOES-R satellite series. Users are defined as the individuals, companies, and institutions that will use the GOES-R Level 1b (L1b), Level 2, and higher-level (L2+) products to perform their meteorological functions.

Preparing users for the advanced capabilities of GOES-R series is essential to the success of the mission.

The program is working toward day-one readiness, maximum utilization of GOES-R series products, and an effective transition to operations. The GOES-R Series Program is engaging users early in the process through Proving Ground and NOAA Test Bed activities, simulated data sets, training, scientific and user conferences, and other communication and outreach efforts.

What's New

  • International training requests: If you would like more information on GOES-R Series international training opportunities please complete the GOES-R International Training Request Form. Requests will be honored depending on resources available. At a minimum, virtual material can be provided.
  • ABI sample Continuous Full Disk (mode 4) data is now available
  • GOES Rebroadcast (GRB) Receiving System Manufacturers
  • Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP) for Geostationary Data, GRB Prototype software is now available. This is the initial release of software that will allow direct broadcast users to process GOES Rebroadcast (GRB) data received on their antennas from GOES-R series satellites.