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Example of ABI L1b "GOES-18" full disk data for each of the 16 spectral bands, simulated from GOES-17 data. Credit: CIMSS
Download sample simulated "GOES-18" ABI L1b full disk data

The following data are samples of Level-1b (L1b) products that will be generated from the GOES-18 Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) data during operations. This data was generated from GOES-17 ABI input data representing full disk imagery from all 16 ABI bands.

A description of ABI bands and their technical specifications can be found on the GOES-R ABI webpage.

Each file represents imagery for a single ABI band, and these files are in NetCDF format.

The GOES-R Product Definition and Users Guide (PUG) describes the fixed grid navigation and provides details on the L1b product, including potential uses, source data, data fields (including metadata and data quality flags), and file naming conventions. More information can be found in the Product Definition and User's Guide (PUG) Volume 3: Level 1B Products, and PUG Appendix X: ISO Series Metadata.

This data represents an initial set of products generated from the GOES-R series ground system during integration and test of L1b algorithms, and is intended to give GOES-R series ABI users a first look at the sample "GOES-18" data. This data is provided for reference only and should not be considered final. And while it is labeled as GOES-18, the data are actually from GOES-17. If these images are posted from these simulated data, they should be clearly marked as such.

For questions regarding this sample data, please contact the NESDIS Satellite Products and Services Division.

Technical Info

The data herein is test data only, and the Government is furnishing the data in an as-is condition. The user bears all responsibility for inspecting such data prior to use, and for the manner in which it utilizes the data. The Government makes no warranty of any kind with respect to this data.