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Baseline Products: Hurricane Intensity Estimation

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Example results of Hurricane Intensity estimates as derived from the GOES-R Hurricane Intensity Algorithm over the lifetime of Hurricane Wilma using 4km GOES-12 imagery (green) and 2km GOES-R ABI proxy data (blue). Aircraft reconnaissance intensity observations ("truth") are shown in yellow.
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The Hurricane Intensity algorithm will make use of the ABI longwave infrared window band to monitor changes in the cloud top temperature near the tropical cyclone center. An analysis of the cloud top temperature field over the tropical cyclone center, together with a cloud pattern recognition analysis, enables the retrieval of an intensity estimate for the tropical cyclone valid at the time of the ABI image. The tropical storm intensity estimate is output as maximum sustained 1-minute surface winds (Kts), and minimum sea level pressure (MSLP) at the center (hPa) of the tropical storm. Hurricane Intensity estimates will provide critical guidance to forecasters at tropical cyclone forecast centers regarding tropical cyclone storm intensity from storm formation, through development and maturation, to dissipation.