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Data Products: Low Cloud and Fog

 caption follows:
Full disk false color image from the GOES-12 imager at 13:15 UTC on August 17, 2017 (left). Example of the corresponding fog/low cloud detection product (right) as generated by the ABI fog/low cloud detection algorithm.
Download product algorithm theoretical basis document (ATBD)

The low cloud and fog product algorithm will use GOES-R ABI spatial and spectral information to identify fog/low stratus clouds. The algorithm is capable of both day and night detection. Fog/low cloud depth is calculated for pixels positively identified by the fog mask. The higher resolution of the GOES-R ABI provides a much more detailed image of low clouds and fog over any given area. Forecasters will be able to issue important fog advisories and warnings, pertinent to commuters and the aviation community alike. More accurate warnings will help reduce the number of automobile and aircraft accidents due to fog.