GOES-R Series Scientific Publications - 2007

The following publications and articles are ordered chronologically.

Impact of the Vertical Variation of Cloud Droplet Size on the Estimation of Cloud Liquid Water Path and Rain Detection
Ruiyue Chen, Fu-Lung Chang, Zhanqing Li, Ralph Ferraro, Fuzhong Weng
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
Volume 64, Issue 11 (November 2007) pp. 3843-3853
Aviation Applications for Satellite-Based Observations of Cloud Properties, Convection Initiation, In-Flight Icing, Turbulence, and Volcanic Ash
John R. Mecikalski, Todd A. Berendes, Wayne F. Feltz, Kristopher M. Bedka,
Sarah T. Bedka, John J. Murray, Anthony J. Wimmers, Pat Minnis, David B. Johnson,
Julie Haggerty, Ben Bernstein, Michael Pavolonis, Earle Williams
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
Volume 88, Issue 10 (October 2007) pp. 1589-1607
A Quantitative Analysis of the Enhanced-V Feature in Relation to Severe Weather
Jason C. Brunner, Steven A. Ackerman, A. Scott Bachmeier, Robert M. Rabin
Weather and Forecasting
Volume 22, Issue 4 (August 2007) pp. 853-872
Mountain Wave Signatures in MODIS 6.7-µm Imagery and Their Relation to Pilot Reports of Turbulence
N. L. Uhlenbrock, K. M. Bedka, W. F. Feltz, S. A. Ackerman
Weather and Forecasting
Volume 22, Issue 3 (June 2007) pp. 662-670
Comparison between current and future environmental satellite imagers on cloud classification using MODIS
Zhenglong Lia, Jun Li, W. Paul Menzel, Timothy J. Schmit, Steven A. Ackerman
Remote Sensing of Environment
Volume 108, Issue 3 (15 June 2007), pp. 311-326
Mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction Models Used in Support of Infrared Hyperspectral Measurement Simulation and Product Algorithm Development
Jason A. Otkin, Derek J. Posselt, Erik R. Olson, Hung-Lung Huang,
James E. Davies, Jun Li, Christopher S. Velden
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology
Volume 24, Issue 4 (April 2007) pp. 585-601
Assessment of Aircraft Icing Potential and Maximum Icing Altitude from Geostationary Meteorological Satellite Data
Gary P. Ellrod, Andrew A. Bailey
Weather and Forecasting
Volume 22, Issue 1 (February 2007) pp. 160-174
Trade-off studies of a hyperspectral infrared sounder on a geostationary satellite
Fang Wang, Jun Li, Timothy J. Schmit, and Steven A. Ackerman
Applied Optics
Volume 46, Issue 2 (10 January 2007), pp. 200-209